I’ve collected many film cameras over the years. And I’ve found a few nice blogs containing interesting posts where the author used a different film camera for one month over a period of a year, twelve cameras in total. I have decided to do the same as it sounds like fun and keep film alive!

Praktica B 200
Praktica B200 with Prakticar f/50mm  1.8
No rules, only that they have to be film cameras, one film per camera which can be shot across the entire (calendar) month. The project has started just now as of the 1st january 2017 and the camera I have chosen for the first month is the Praktica B200, the first camera I ever owned. The film will be processed at the end of every month. Some images will be published with info regarding the camera used as ease of use,handling, picture quality and look, as well as a little bit of it’s history.

For now I have a list of these cameras to use:

  1. Praktica B200
  2. Praktica MTL3
  3. Pentax MV – Soligor SR-300 MD
  4. Pentax P30t
  5. Lubitel 166 – Konica C35
  6. Walzflex
  7. Diana F+
  8. Olympus OM10
  9. Nikon EM
  10. Canon FT

I have to add two more cameras, I have no wishlist so anything is possible! Check back in february for the first post regarding my project ’12 months and 12 film cameras’.

I decided to use one kind of film as much as possible, Kodak Portra 400.