Praktica B200 – January 2017

The first camera I used in this project and the first SLR camera I ever owned, the Praktica B200

In the early 1980s I started to have a interest in photography. Windowshopping at the local photostore where I was looking at the cameras was my weekly schedule and the most interesting ones were the “pro” SLR cameras…

But without the budget I had to wait. But early 1982 I got a job at a supermarket and in a few months earned enough for a SLR within my humble budget, a “pro” black Praktica B200 with the standard lens Prakticar 50mm F/2.4.

Because I hadn’t used it in years I was eager to start the project with it! A fresh battery was inserted and the Praktica was brought back to life. All led’s in the viewfinder seemed to work, the shutter did click and the filmtransport was going smooth as in 1982. Loaded with Portra 400 me and the camera started the project…

Example pictures, january-february-march 2017 

Techno info

The Praktica B200 was the first of the B series of cameras produced by Praktica in the late 1970’s. It offered manual and auto exposure, AE lock, ttl metering, exposure compensation, a new set of bayonet mount lenses and a new look compared to the earlier Praktica series.


  • Manual focus 35mm slr
  • Aperture priority auto exposure and fully manual
  • TTL metering with sensor on the mirror
  • ASA 25 to 3200 film speed range
  • Runs on a single 6v 4LR44 battery
  • Shutter speeds 40sec to 1/1000sec + B in auto 1sec to 1/1000 in manual
  • 8 sec self timer
  • Shutter lock
  • Exposure metering memory button
  • +/- 2 stops compensation
  • Praktica PB bayonet mount
  • Hot shoe and flash sync socket
  • Motor drive available
  • Sync at 1/90sec
  • Her you can find a handbook PDF

First roll, just finished in march, way to late…