Station to station project, a portrait of the city, one station at a time

Station to station project
Station to station project

Inspired by a citywide portrait of New York City, circa 2002-2004
A series by Lisa Gidley.

Lisa Gidley: “Station to Station is a project in which I took a photo within a square block of each of New York City’s subway stations. It began when I realized that despite living in the city for seven years, I’d been to barely a quarter of the subway stops. I decided to make a portrait of the city, one station at a time.

Each photo was made within a square block (square block is 264×900 feet/80mx274m) of one of the station’s entrances or exits, generally less than two minutes’ walk away. No photo could include the subway station itself. (Elevated outdoor tracks were fair game, though.) All photos were made with a medium-format camera on negative film and printed in a color darkroom.

This project was mostly done between 2002 and 2004 and is now finished, though I’m still getting around to scanning the negatives. As of May 2010, I’ve started a blog ( that will eventually add photos from the series until it’s all up.

The subway or metro lines in Rotterdam, 2022
The subway or metro lines in Rotterdam, 2022

Its up to me now
The start of a project by me, Richard

And now its up to me. I always struggle with what to photograph and where. So now I have a red line to follow. I like the public transport here in Rotterdam and there are many stations or stops where I never been to. Exploring the city never stops!

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