Finding my mojo in photography again

A holiday, 2008. Nikon F50, AF Nikkor 35-80mm F/1.4-5.6D. Fujifilm Superia 200.

When I was young I didn’t have a camera. My father had a camera but I didn’t dare to touch it and he never let me try it. I remember a Olympus half frame and a small Rollei. In the mid seventies I got a 126 cassette film camera but I can’t remember the brand, I think Agfa. That summer we traveled for the first time to Spain and I did feel like a real photographer. Proudly showing my camera that I carried in a small etui fastened at my belt I felt great!

After that I visit every camera store I did see and I looked at the camera’s in the shop window and get inside for all the leaflets of brands as Hasselblad, Nikon, Pentax etc. With the little money that I had as a 14 year old kid far out of reach!

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Rotterdam Grid Project

Rotterdam Grid Project
Rotterdam Grid Project

Why I start this project
I’ve got it from reading “The Street Photographer’s Manual”

The idea or inspiration: “In October 1995 photographer Christopher Rauschenberg took a pair of scissors to a standard map of Portland and cut it into 98 pieces. He then invited a group of 12 Portland photographers, using a variety of cameras, films, formats, and digital processes, to all photograph the randomly selected square each month. Continue reading “Rotterdam Grid Project”

Week 1, 52 rolls: Maastricht and Rotterdam with the Praktica CX-1

Week 1, 52 rolls: bits of Maastricht and Rotterdam
Week 1, 52 rolls: bits of Maastricht and Rotterdam

The camera, a Praktica CX-1, performed very well and surprised me with the color rendering and sharpness! I didn’t know this camera but when scrolling through the lists on a online market website I bought it. I liked the size of it and I like the brand Praktica! My first “real” camera, a SLR, was a Praktica B200 and I’m still very happy with that one!

On arriving I checked the camera, new batteries and a fresh Kodak film. Everything seems to work fine. So week 1 of this project52 was a learning week. I tried to free myself from the pressure to perform, make the best picture etc. I just took the Praktica CX-1 with me, on a walk, to work etc. and just look and click with a open mind. And I think it worked out.

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A roll in a Nikon F50 starting in 2018, ending in 2019

Hole in one, tree nill. Pompenburg park, Rotterdam. Nikon F50, AF Nikkor 35-80mm F/1.4-5.6D

I bought this camera in 2008 while camping. During a visit to a pittoresk town I always scan for camerashops. Most camerashops nowadays sell only digital but this one had a few old film cameras among which this Nikon F50. A quick buy for about 15 Euro with a battery in good working order.

I photographed during this holiday with the F50 and was very happy with it. But years passed by and it was only in 2018(!) that I picked up the F50 again. These are a few examples of the film I did shoot during 2018 – 2019…

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First roll with my Leica M4-2

The moustache lady. Bergweg Rotterdam. Leica M4-2 with 35mm Voigtlander Skopar.

After many books, websites, blogs and museum visits I wanted to be a credited and famous photographer. And a Leica is the camera for the ‘real’ photographer so I bought a very nice Leica M4-2. This is the first and testroll I shot with the M4-2. Guessing the light conditions is not so hard and using my Voigtlander 35mm thread lens with a adapter on the Leica worked great!

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On my way with the half frame Olympus Pen EE-2

Rotterdam Centraal station. Panorama made with several half frames of this Olympus EE-2

Bought me a old Olympus Pen EE-2 and took it with me at walks and some military events. It performs as new. It handles all kind of light easy and I like the grainy images…

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