Week 1, 52 rolls: Maastricht and Rotterdam with the Praktica CX-1 point and shoot camera

Week 1, 52 rolls: a fall sky over a plant. Rotterdam. 2019
Week 1, 52 rolls: a fall sky over a plant. Rotterdam. 2019

The camera, a Praktica CX-1, performed very well and surprised me with the color rendering and sharpness! I didn’t know this camera but when scrolling through the lists on a online market website I bought it. I liked the size of it and I like the brand Praktica! My first “real” camera, a SLR, was a Praktica B200 and I’m still very happy with that one!

On arriving I checked the camera, new batteries and a fresh Kodak film. Everything seems to work fine. So week 1 of this project52 was a learning week. I tried to free myself from the pressure to perform, make the best picture etc. I just took the Praktica CX-1 with me, on a walk, to work etc. and just look and click with a open mind. And I think it worked out.

The Maria chapel in the city center of Maastricht, only the candle lights lit the scene but there is a very nice image that captures the mood…
Rotterdam, wall art, feeling blue
Walking to start an early sunday shift, Oostzeedijk, Rotterdam
The party is over. Hofbogen, Luchtpark, Rotterdam. I took this picture at armlenght, the closest distance of this Praktica CX-1 lens
The Luchtbrug, a wooden bridge over and between the buildings. Many tourist visit the bridge but not early in the morning…

I like this little Praktica CX-1 camera. It fits in your pocket. The lenscover protect the lens from dust. The settings for distance are easy and simple to do and there’s a warning LED light in the view finder for low light. For sure a keeper and I’m going to use it again (and again)!

Richard’s verdict: ★★★★★

Technical notes. Camera: Praktica CX-1. Film: Kodak Portra 400, developed and scanned by the local lab, Foto vd Graaf.

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